Shipping & Returns


1. All prices quoted included VAT.
2. By ordering, the consumer declares to have received all necessary information regarding the product via the site.
3. After ordering, the customer will receive a mail: orderconfirmation. This is an overview of the ordered products. The mail contains also the payment modalities.
4. The order expires if payment is not made within 7 days.
5. Withdrawals are possible, in that case there would be no shipping costs.
6. Shipping costs: Belgium 8,50 euros, the Netherlands by parcelbox 12 euros, Germany + Luxembourg + France 17 euros
7. Shipping costs are always charged, regardless of the size of the sale.
8. For shipments to other countries call us. Import duties always are at the expense of the customer.
9. Goods ordered before 3 pm are shipped the same day, B-POST uses 1 to 5 working days and 4 to 10 business days for shipments to other countries.
10. VAT-registered customers must notify us.
11. The Invoice is sent with the goods.
12. Articles from the sales outlet are items of which there is a limited stock.


1. Returns must be made within 14 days of purchase. The costs of shipping are always borne by the consumer. When returning, the goods are always checked by our after-sales. After verification you will receive the value minus the restocking costs (10,00 euro) on your account.
2. Exchanges can only be within 7 days of purchase. The costs of shipping are always borne by the consumer. In exchange, the goods will always be checked by our after sales. When exchanging, second shipping costs are always charged, the goods are only shipped as soon as the amount has been paid. Exchange in our shop in As is free of charge.
3. Colored T-Blade Runners are custom made and under no circumstances be repossessed.
4. Items purchased through the partner platforms must be returned according to the partners' instructions.
5. PayPal is an external payment service, we have no influence on this. PayPal charges us per transaction costs, these costs are never refunded by us to the consumer.

Retourlabel: Ask your retourlabel here


1. All our products are categorized as consumables.
2. Improper use is not covered by warranty.
3. Manufacturing defects should be reported to us within 7 days of purchase.
4. Cutlery costs are charged when the goods can not be repaired.
5. Blades and runners are not covered by warranty, unless there are manufacturing defects.


Our terms and conditions can be found here