Skating Glove (M)


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Special protective glove for Ice freestylers and skaters.

The glove is characterized by:

The outside is made of a thin, elastic, warm softshell fabric.
The palm is partially rubberized to give the glove a better grip.
On the fingertips of the thumb and forefinger, a special material is applied so that a touchscreen can be operated without having to remove the glove.
The palm features protective pads made from our patented XRD-Poron material, which reduces strong blows on the wrist during a fall.
The glove is great for any winter activities that benefit from added protection.
The XRD-Poron material absorbs and deflects blows extremely well and afterward expands back into its original form.
XRD-Poron is used by leading manufacturers of protectors in motorsports, hockey, skiing, etc.