RIBCORE 48K PUMP (EU44,5 - US9.0)


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The CCM RibCor 48K Skates are a great choice for top-level players looking for a comfortable, high-performance skate. RibCor Skates are designed to provide a comfortable, snug, secure fit that translates to improved performance by reducing the amount of negative space in the boot of the RibCor 48K skates. This is accomplished with the combination of high quality boot materials and unique fit features, such as the Pump and Lace Lock. The Pump has been improved with this generation and provides a secure heel and ankle fit by filling in the gaps with a few quick, easy pushes of the pump button. The Lace Locks allow you to secure the laces just above the midpoint of the boot to keep your laces tightly secured throughout the course of the game. Internally, the boots have a "Dual-Zone" Liner consisting of Nylex and Tacky Nash, for a dry, secure and comfortable fit. In addition, the pro style tongues are built with white felt for comfort and a lace bite protector to keep the laces from digging into your feet through the tongue. The quarter package is reinforced with composite materials for additional support and longevity for the RibCor 48K skates, and the boots are also thermoformable to provide and even more customizable fit.
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